What is Wrong With The Dallas Cowboys?

John Lee

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It’s that time of year again. The Dallas Cowboys entered the season with hopes of ending their playoff drought. Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan got his wish of getting two starting corners in the off-season and the Cowboys are healthy, but their 2-2 and loss is arguably the most disappointing fashion of the entire season, and that’s with losing to the Seattle Seahawks. The Cowboys have their fans, and the entire country, scratching their heads.

If you talked to some Cowboy fans, they would immediately point the finger at their starting quarterback Tony Romo, who had five interceptions in the loss to the Chicago Bears Monday night. It’s easy to put the blame on the starting quarterback of the Cowboys. It’s easy to fault any quarterback for their team’s troubles. The fact of the matter is though, Tony Romo is among the highest rated passers since entering the league in 2006. Though the game was definitely on Romo, it’s not as if he’s the only quarterback to throw game-losing interceptions. Last year, Tom Brady threw four interceptions in a loss to the Bills. Two years ago, Peyton Manning threw four interceptions in a loss to the Cowboys, two of them returned for touchdowns. Not to mention, Manning had three picks in week two of this season in a loss to the Falcons. Tony Romo is likely going to get more bad press for one bad game, than Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez is going to get for playing bad all season, and both teams are 2-2. So for now let’s back off Tony Romo and look at other potential problems.

Some have brought up the issue of Jerry Jones as sole owner and decision-maker being the problem for Dallas. Jerry Jones makes the decisions for the Cowboys and he definitely has his upside. Building Cowboys Stadium has definitely helped his franchise, and he isn’t afraid to pay for talent for the team, as he brought in corner Brandon Carr this offseason. Personally, I think that Jerry Jones needs to bring in a head coach that has experience in building a winning franchise, like a Jeff Fisher, Tom Coughlin, Bill Belichik, or even a Mike Shanahan. Then give this coach decision-making power in the draft and free agency. All of these coaches are great decision-makers for their teams and either have Super Bowls or playoff wins under their belts. Unfortunately, Jerry Jones is the heart, soul, and limbs of the Dallas Cowboys management.

The understated problem for the Cowboys is the execution of their plays on the field. There is no discipline with penalties and Romo is going up to the line telling other players what they need to do, trying to create something out of nothing. This only falls in one place and that is coaching. When Jason Garrett took over the Dallas Cowboys he put an emphasis on discipline and doing what is better for the team. It’s an emphasis that needs to continue if the Cowboys expect a contending shot.

Hope is not all lost for this team. They are just 2-2, trailing one game behind the Philadelphia Eagles, who have struggled with teams such as the Cleveland Browns and lost to the Arizona Cardinals. If the Cowboys can get their discipline problems fixed, and protect Tony Romo, this is still a team that can contend, but they have to win their division.

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What is Wrong With The Dallas Cowboys?