Coaching and Quarterback Changes to Start?

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It’s that time of year again. The coaching and quarterback carousels are likely to start up as teams are heading into their bye weeks and as some are starting to reevaluate their positions in the standings and the team as a whole. There are four teams that are one game down from .500 at 3-5, and three teams that have only two wins or less. The teams close to .500 at 3-5: Jets, Titans, Redskins and the Rams. The teams with two or less victories: Panthers, Jaguars, Saints, Chiefs and the Browns. So which teams are going to make a change either coaching or at signal-caller?

Lets start with the teams at 3-5. The Jets would likely make a change at quarterback before the fire Rex Ryan, Ryan’s job is likely safe till the end of the season. Mark Sanchez is ranked 30/33 in the NFL by passer rating at 72.8. He has only completed 52.9 percent of his passes with ten touchdowns and eight interceptions. He had two games where he played decent against the Texans and against New England, but let’s not count the Indianapolis game because he threw for 82 yards. The Jets could throw backup quarterback sensation Tim Tebow in, should Sanchez play bad and the Jets fall more than three games below .500.

The next team that has already made quarterback changes, albeit because of injury, are the Titans. The Titans are 3-5, but veteran quarterback and last season’s starter Matt Hasselbeck has been playing pretty well for the Titans, keeping them in games. Second-year quarterback Jake Locker is hurt, likely until after the bye, but I believe they will turn back to Locker after the bye being that the future of the Titans is invested in this young player. That is the same story for the Redskins. Their losses are not in the hands of second-overall pick Robert Griffin III. The Rams have Sam Bradford, if he stays healthy. Each team has coaches within their first three years of coaching and are unlikely to make a change.

The teams with two victories or less are all teams that if they cleaned up a few problems would be really good teams. The Saints are of course missing their head coach because of the bounty scandal and have their own coaching issues. The rest of the teams have coaches within their first three seasons, but the most interesting coach is Pat Shurmur for the Browns. The Browns have a new owner in Jimmy Haslam, and this new owner said that as long as Shurmur shows improvement in the team, Shurmur would be safe. But there’ve been many owners who have said similar things and still fired their coach, but the Browns have won two of their last three games.

Carolina and Jacksonville are in a similar position as the Titans drafted their quarterbacks very high and are unlikely to yank either one in, Cam Newton or Blaine Gabbert. The Chiefs have switched between Matt Cassel and Brady Quinn already this year, and if neither shows improvement they could turn to third-year player and third on depth chart Ricky Stanzi.

There you have it folks, the teams that are in question right now, but there are not many teams that are safe from a free fall and could make the NFL far more interesting with more quarterback changes.

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Coaching and Quarterback Changes to Start?