Holiday wishlist: Furbies, tablets and game consoles

Brooke Self

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The Prairie.

The Prairie.

With Christmas approaching, it’s time to start compiling holiday wish lists.  Those who have yet to venture into the world of Christmas shopping this season might be unsure of what is on the list of popular gifts for the holidays.  From getting gifts for children to searching for the perfect gift for a significant other, holiday gift shopping can be a contributing factor to holiday stresses and it is sometimes best to know what is out there before braving the battlefield of holiday shopping.

For the children, one item that is making a big comeback from its initial debut in 1998 is the Furby.  Furby was the most sought after Christmas gift that year and now Hasbro has recently launched the new Furby, which are expected to be a big seller for this holiday season.

“My little girl is almost three and I know she will absolutely love the Furby,” Cherylan Graham, a WTAMU alum, said.  “The new Furby is so cool and they are just adorable. I might end up playing with Furby more than my daughter will.”

The new Furby comes in a variety of colors, with more choices than the original Furby.  Hasbro has also added some more dynamic features to the reinvented Furby.  Furby can still develop its own personality, but now Furby responds to more actions.  Furby will create a response when its tail is pulled, it is tickled, turned upside down, shaken, tilted, or held.  Furby also loves to dance and recognizes music and begins to dance around when music is played.  The more technical side of Furby allows Furby owners to download a free app from the iPhone App Store to feed their Furby.  The app can also be used to translate “Furbish” into English.

Other popular gifts for children this year include the LeapPad 2, the Nintendo 3DS XL and of course, bicycles, tricycles, and electric cars for the kids to practice their driving skills.

As for popular gifts for people who have grown up and now enjoy other toys, video game consoles are an option and the Wii U is already making a lot of noise in the world of Christmas gift ideas and is expected to be a top seller this year.

“Tablets are going to be a big seller for Best Buy this year,” Brian, assistant manager at Best Buy said.  “Gaming consoles will also be a big seller.”

As technology continues to evolve, so do the items that are ideal for Christmas gifts.

“I remember when I used to be happy to get a Barbie Doll,” Keegan King, junior Advertising and Public Relations major, said.  “Nowadays, kids want cell phones, iPads, Xboxes and laptops and all of that stuff. [It] is way expensive for college students on a budget.  People should be thankful of getting anything at all in my opinion, because lots of people don’t [get anything].”

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Holiday wishlist: Furbies, tablets and game consoles