Proper Style builds rap, hip hop scene in Amarillo

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Brooke Self

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If they were asked if they expected their music careers to take off in the way that it has in the past few months, the guys at Proper Style Records probably still would have been as confident in their talent as they are today. They are creating a buzz about their record label and artist roster not only in Amarillo, but also in even bigger cities, such as Dallas. They are bringing well-known hip-hop artists to Amarillo to perform and their budding music careers have now started to take off.

For a group of guys who came together by coincidence, the guys that make up Proper Style Records have worked together to create something that is new to the city of Amarillo and are getting air play on mainstream radio stations. Their music videos are consistently getting views on YouTube, with one of their videos reaching more than 32,000 views.

“It all started when I met my CEO and he introduced me to my co-member, Rilla Boy,” Chris Garcia, known by his stage name CG the Prodigy, said. “He got us together and it kind of just started as an idea and it grew. Now it’s in full effect.”

Garcia has been putting videos on YouTube for a couple of years now and his most recent music video, “Wala,” which was uploaded only a month ago, is close to reaching 10,000 views.

“The best part about this is seeing how it’s growing and we’re leaving an impact,” Garcia said. “Every time we do an event, we are leaving an impact and people are starting to realize that this is actually something real.”

Proper Style Records most recently brought well-known fast rapper, Twista, to Amarillo to perform at Wild Card in downtown Amarillo. When they opened for Twista, the guys of Proper Style were humbled by all the support they got from the crowd.
Chris “RillaBoi” Flores, who assists in making beats and also produces the music, said they are living their dream.

“We all love to do this music stuff,” Flores said. “We’re doing what we want to do and hopefully we can make it a living.”

Getting everything up and running was the most difficult part about making Proper Style what it is now, but the journey has been exciting.

“We all had a good little plan of what we wanted to do and just to get it in motion was kind of hectic at first, but now that we got everybody into it and on the same page, everything’s been poppin’ off,” Flores said.

Another member of Proper Style Records, Lukas “L-Sweet” Dominguez, has also been making music videos for several years. The most recent music video that he did alongside his fellow member, Faruk, called “69 Camaro” is now being played on radio stations in the area. The video has hit 32,126 YouTube views as of Dec. 1.

“It definitely is a blessing and I see us doing bigger [and] better things,” L-Sweet said. “Once [the video] gets enough views, we’re hoping to maybe get some endorsements and advertising.”

L-Sweet said he met the other members of Proper Style Records through his friend and fellow rapper, Faruk Jiwa.

“Faruk kind of knew these guys and he said that they heard our album and they liked it, so he brought me around and I promoted a show and they got in the show that I was actually putting together,” L-Sweet said. “They were a good group of guys and we all vibed well together, so I slowly got in contact with them more and more and here we are today.”

L-Sweet and Faruk have collaborated on an album called The Lyricist Lounge, which includes their hit, “69 Camaro.” The album will drop on Dec. 18.

To watch their music videos and see what Proper Style is all about, people can go to People can also get more information about future shows by visiting any of the artist’s Facebook pages or

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Proper Style builds rap, hip hop scene in Amarillo