Students debate on school safety in wake of Newtown

Rebekah St. Clair

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Ever since the Newtown school shooting, security and gun control have been on people’s minds as of late. Even college campuses are not exempt from students’ concerns on security.

“I feel that the school’s security is not too heightened, but it’s just enough,” Tim Rivera, senior Music major, said. “But with the way things have been going, a few more lights and possible stations to call security would make me feel safer having one of my female friends walk around at night.”

Though security is not a huge issue to some WTAMU students, gun control still sparks debates. Senior English major Kelsey McClure believes that gun regulations should be stronger because Americans no longer need to arm themselves in the same manner as they did in the past.

“I understand the second amendment and the rights it allows, but I also know that, that particular amendment was to help arm the militias, as at the time the U.S. did not really have a strong army,” McClure said. “I think that, sure, you can have a gun but not everybody needs one anymore. There should be better regulations on who can actually get one.”

Freshman Music major Garrett Breaux said that he is not a gun fanatic, but he is not against the right to bear arms. Instead, he believes in stricter regulations to obtain a weapon.

“I think there should be certain restrictions for where they should be allowed,” Breaux said.
Even though some are satisfied with the idea of having more restrictions with gun control, others feel as though it is violating their second amendment rights and is not going to help with crime.

“I feel that gun control is not going to solve any of these problems,” Rivera said. “‘We feel that stricter laws will prevent more shootings’. No, they won’t. The crazies and criminals will find weapons and get them illegally and continue what they are doing. They don’t believe in the law, and I don’t see why we have to hinder those citizens who actually understand what guns do and are safe about it.”

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Students debate on school safety in wake of Newtown