JBK expansion provides new work area

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The Students of West Texas A&M were recently introduced to the new expansion of the Jack B. Kelley Student Center. With the new expansion being opened for a little over a month, the staff and students have had the opportunity to explore what the new space has to offer, including Chance O. Haugen, director of the Jack B. Kelley Student Center.

“The space is being used for what it was created for, and students are getting more creative with the spaces that are available,” Haugen said.

Among the many advantages and changes the new expansion provides, one that stands out is the new space provided for students.

“The biggest change is that the students now have a place to relax. When it was just the existing JBK that was open, the food court was really packed, the commons were really packed, and when we would have big events it was worse because no one would have a place to eat,” Haugen said.
Students at WT agreed with Haugen.

“What I like about the new expansion is that students have more places to eat, we are not just crammed into one area,” junior Business major Corey Cude said.

As students are now content, so are many people who hold events on campus with the addition of Legacy Hall. The new JBK expansion hot spot, Legacy Hall provides the technology and environment necessary to hold big events. Nicole Moore, CORE student consultant, recently used Legacy Hall for a special event in honor of Martin Luther King.

“I enjoy the technology and space Legacy Hall provides,” Moore said. “For instance, there is sound and lighting to where we can set the mood. Before we didn’t have lights and we didn’t have sound. I think the new expansion definitely draws students. I think it will be a fight to get the meeting rooms downstairs and I think Legacy Hall will always be busy and filled.”

The new expansion also fosters the possibility of a rise in revenue for the university.

“I can see the university bringing in slightly a little more revenue because of outside groups holding concerts and conferences,” Jose Lopez, vice president of the student body and president of the student senate, said.

The new expansion is also bringing events held by WT back to the campus, including the university formal.

“The University formal, which used to be held at the civic center, will now be held here on campus again in Legacy Hall,” Lopez said.

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JBK expansion provides new work area