Amendment could change presidential qualifications

BJ Brittain

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Local News Story. Art by Chris Brockman.

Local News Story. Art by Chris Brockman.

An amendment to the WTAMU’s Constitution was voted on last Tuesday and Wednesday, Feb. 26 and 27, by the student body. The amendment focused on the position of Student President of the University.

“The amendment states that even if you’re not a part of Student Government, you are still able to appear before Senate in order to get your nomination approved,” Briana Harvell, junior Psychology student and writer of the amendment, said. “Student Senate’s main goal is to benefit the University and students. This amendment should help to ensure that the applicant’s running for office of the President of our University will be highly qualified for the position to be an effective leader on our campus, and not so much just based on a popularity contest or resume booster.”

There have already been amendments made to the University’s Constitution about the position of student vice president of the School, stating that in order to be eligible for the position the applicant must previously be involved in Student Government. The Student Senate felt that similar specifications should be made for the president as well.

“The reasoning for these changes comes from the same reasoning when they made amendments to the vice president position,” Harvell said. “When you’re apart of Student Government, you know more of what is going on within the University, where the University is heading, and the issues that are being dealt with by the University and the students. As President of the University, on a daily basis you have to deal with all of these issues and it would be difficult to make decisions or suggestions concerning issues that you did not know about until coming into office.”

Many of the students on campus showed support for the amendment by voting for it last week.

“I would hope that our President already went through student government and was in some form of government social club or something at the least,” junior Corporate Communication major Hayed Gibbs said. “We’re talking about the President. He should have done nearly anything government related in college don’t you think?”

While many students do support the amendment, there are some students who are opposed to it.

“I think that it is a right of any student on campus to be eligible to run for the position if they wish to,” Brianna Moore, a senior Corporate Communication major, said. “While it would be in their favor to have a background in student government it does not mark them as incompetent in handling the position if they are not.”

The results of the vote will be released soon.

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Amendment could change presidential qualifications