Plus INT Episode #11

Preston Thomas

Plus INT Logo (Web Version). Art by Chris Brockman.

Plus INT Logo (Web Version). Art by Chris Brockman.

Join us for episode eleven of Plus INT! This week, we talk about possible new planets, iWatches, Pebbles and the return of Whose Line Is It Anyway? (Complete with squees.) Then, we debate whether or not consoles are on their deathbed. Finally, as always, we get into what we’ve been geeking out about — old meme-tastic movies, Dwarf Fortress, Warhammer 40 K, Adventure Time, and ponies (or should we say alicorns?).

SPOILERS for Adventure Time, American Psycho, Hackers, and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!

For a detailed list of show notes on this episode, including a list of links, click here!

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