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The 2013 Education Career Expo will be held at WTAMU Wednesday, March 20, at the Legacy Hall from 9 a.m. to noon. All Education majors are encouraged to come, as it will give them insight into the world of education.

“The networking it allows is so important,” Tana Gunter, director of ExCET Advisement Center of the WT Education Department, said. “With the Panhandle so spread out it brings everything together.”

Sixty to 70 different school districts will each have their own booths at the expo. Teachers and people from human resources will be there presenting. According to Gunter, senior level students can set up interviews as well.

“It gives students the opportunity to see the diverse districts outside the Panhandle which they typically don’t see,” she said.

The expo will also show freshmen students what to do to prepare when they reach their senior year so they will have all the necessary qualifications to stand out to a school district.

“For underclassmen, they can really get a feel for what to expect because it shows the importance of joining a club, GPA expectations and prepares them for their senior year,” Kim Muller, assistant director of Career Services, said. “It’s a very good opportunity for students to get information from the people who will actually maybe hire them one day.”

The expo provides students with the opportunity to network and make good contacts with the school districts.

“It shows you a good idea of openings and what different districts are looking for,” Steve Sellars, Experiential Education Program Coordinator, said.

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WT expo educates