Ambassadors are the “best of the best”

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The Prairie. Art by Chris Brockman.

The Prairie. Art by Chris Brockman.

Since 1995, the President’s Student Ambassadors have hosted and catered to the outside world of WTAMU. The purpose of a President’s Ambassador is to represent WT and the Office of the President by hosting special events throughout the year.

“Every year in March, we send out e-mails regarding positions,” Linda Washington, the executive secretary of the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, said. “They help the president of the University by hosting foundation meetings and other events. They greet and visit with the people, park cars and answer questions about the University.”

The criteria and requirements are extensive but are also met with a great position and experience, according to Edward Akinwemi, senior Biology major and former President’s Ambassador.

“It’s a really distinguished position to have. It’s a great resume builder,” Akinwemi said.

Students must be full-time with a minimum of 45 hours completed, have a maintained GPA of 2.75 and have two letters of reference. They then go into an interview process with the Vice President of Student Affairs, while an outgoing current Ambassador assists.

“They pick the best of the best,” Washington said, “Students who will represent WT the most effectively.”

With year round events and a wide range of guests coming to WT, a President’s Ambassador hosts many of the events, especially if they are surrounding President O’Brien.

“I like that I get to meet a lot of cool people that one wouldn’t get to normally meet,” Nick Geottsche, the student body president, said. He is in his second, and last, year of being a President’s Ambassador. “Face time with the O’Brien’s and the leftover food is also a plus.”

Akinwemi said his favorite event was the freshmen cookout where he was able to meet the incoming freshmen, while Geottsche said his was the football game receptions.

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Ambassadors are the “best of the best”