Let the violence begin

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The Prairie. Art by Chris Brockman.

The Prairie. Art by Chris Brockman.

A few days ago, a tragic incident took place at a community college in the Houston area. A student went on a violent spree injuring various students he ran across.  Two male students were successful in tackling the criminal, but not before he had injured at least 14 students.

The weapon of choice for this criminal? No guns, no bombs, no machetes. It was a utility-knife. That’s it.

Now, with all the controversy over gun control and whether or not citizens should be allowed to bear arms for themselves, it would seem, after this tragic incident, that no matter how many weapons the government tries to make illegal for citizens to carry, it won’t matter.

If citizens want to prevent violence by taking away guns from all other citizens, let’s go bigger. How about all weapons be taken away from citizens? But what qualifies as a weapon? Obviously knives can be used to kill or seriously injure another human being, and some citizens are not mature enough to handle such a tool. Either we do a thorough background check on all peoples before they purchase a knife set for their kitchen, or don’t let them acquire knives at all.

We can go even further. Think about all the supplies listed on children’s school supply lists. Pencils and scissors are, by far, the most dangerous on that list. A sharpened pencil can do just as much damage as a pair of scissors if a child gets angry enough to revert to violence. How about not allowing pencils and scissors in school either, just in case.

Gun free zone or no gun free zone, it won’t matter to a citizen who is hell bent on killing. If they are psychologically unstable enough, they will figure out a way to harm others, whether it is by bomb, gun or a utility-knife.

There are, of course, two sides to this fence. Preventing gun violence by taking away guns from all citizens, as some people would desire, can, in theory, work. However, the world doesn’t run on theory, but reality. The reality is that violence cannot be stopped. The tragedy in Houston is evidence of this.

It might be hard to imagine, but when really explored, the possibilities of weapons to create from common everyday items are far more than the type of guns out there. If there are going to be anti-gun, let there be anti-weapons ones as well. Then we can have some more fun discussing the endless list of what is considered a weapon.

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Let the violence begin