Paramore Breaks New Ground

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Brooke Self

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On April 8, Paramore released their fourth studio album. This is the band’s first self-titled album and is easily their most adventurous, experimental and accomplished album thus far. Following a series of successful albums with hit singles, Paramore has stepped out into a bigger world to show that they are not afraid to take chances.

Many songs on their newest album are much slower and feature different instruments, such as song 15, Interlude: I’m Not Angry Anymore, which features a banjo along with lead singer, Hayley Williams’ delicately sublime voice. Surprisingly, the lyrics woven with the interesting choices of instrumentals, are as creatively thought out as the musical avenues that were chosen. With mixes of electronica and even orchestral flourishes, this album is a well thought out masterpiece and promises to bring a greater appreciation to the band’s many talents.

Although the album’s overall tone is much different than their previous more upbeat records, it works well with Williams’ ballsy, extroverted energy. The first few songs on the album, Fast in My Car, Now and Grow Up, are in closer relation to their previous energetic songs, but the album’s tone transforms into a slower batch of songs with a vintage feel.

Song number 5, another interlude titled Moving On, features a ukulele and bold lyrics. Williams sings, “Sit back and let ‘em have their fun. Let ‘em spill their guts, cause one day they’re gonna slip on ‘em.”

Long time Paramore fans will recognize the driving attack of cuts on songs like Daydreaming, Anklebiters and Part II. Newcomers will also appreciate Williams’ diversity whether she’s belting out a do-or-die alternative rock anthem or singing coyly on a track like Now. This album is destined to be permanently stuck on repeat on the playlists of new and old Paramore fans. The band definitely succeeded in creating a ground-breaking new genre of musicality with this album. I think they will only continue to improve and break new grounds, although it will be hard to top this album.

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Paramore Breaks New Ground