Student Government election results

BJ Brittain

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Student Senators were elected to represent each of the colleges at WTAMU. Art by Chris Brockman.

Student Senators were elected to represent each of the colleges at WTAMU. Art by Chris Brockman.

Elections were recently held on April 9 through the 10 for positions in the WTAMU Student Government. The students of WT were able to vote for whom they believed would be the best fit for the positions of Student Body President, Student Body Vice President and Student Senators.

The Presidential election was won by Leif Knippers, who is studying finance in the College of Business. Many expect great things from Knippers during his time in office.

“I voted for Leif Knippers because for everything I have known him to be involved with he has excelled at,” Brianna Moore, a senior Corporate Communication major, said. “I believe he will do well in his presidency and when someone wants something enough, they never slack when they have it.”

The winner of the election for Vice President was Amanda Kraemer, who will graduate in May with a double major in History and English then attend Graduate School in the Fall in order to earn her Master’s in English. A native of West Texas, Kraemer said she is ready to do great things during her time as Vice President.

“I chose to run for Vice President because I have really enjoyed being active in Student Government and feel that I can better use my talents and skills to represent the student body as Vice President,” Kraemer said. “As Student Body Vice President I hope to hold Student Government more accountable to the students and to work for what the students want. There are many issues such as Friday classes, parking, food services and others that students have opinions on. It is my job to make sure that the student’s opinions are heard and that the best possible solution is derived at for the interest of the students.”

Students on campus were able to see the qualities that one looks for in a leader in Kraemer, which helped secure her win.

“I knew her before and she was a good leader and listens to people,” Julia Greif, a senior Mass Communication major, said.

Apart from the elections that were held for the positions of President and Vice President of the Student Body, each college of the University had multiple Student Senate positions to be voted on. These Senators play an important role in the workings of the Student Government, something that the student body is well aware of.

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Student Government election results