CORE Office helps get students involved

Jenna Harrison

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The CORE Office offers services to students on campus.

The CORE Office offers services to students on campus.

Campus Organizations, Resources and Entertainment, also known as the CORE, has started off the semester with a wide variety of events including a tie dye event, a free movie night, Tuesday’s at the Tank, and Taste of Mexico.

“The CORE Office does more for WT than most people know. Like the name says, it is the core. All organizations flow through them and they are what makes the WT college experience happen,” Kylie Jones, junior Communication Disorders major, said.

According to Caleb Hubbard, Public Relations Education Consultant, CORE’s purpose is to make events run and boost student morale.

“Enjoying college life is what we’re here for after you make that connection with an organization,” Hubbard, said.

This year there are some changes, and one of the main changes is the Director’s position. Matt Maples, the Associate Director of Student Activities, is the new interim director of the CORE Office.

Caitlin Robb, CORE Consultant, said the CORE is trying to work on student involvement and variety. She also said finding something that everyone can be involved in is a big goal for the CORE this semester.

CORE is working on a new project right now that is not fully developed. They are trying to get a new organization or committee to brainstorm about different ideas and events for the CORE to host.

“It is just going to be a group of college students to make campus involvement stronger,” Hubbard said.

The committee would consist of people from different organizations and backgrounds. The CORE Office is currently doing research and is in the process of pitching ideas.

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CORE Office helps get students involved