Preview: Zeta Tau Alpha Pink Out Week

Connor Woods

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Feature Story. Art by Chris Brockman.

Feature Story. Art by Chris Brockman.

When you think of the month of October, you often think of the changing of the seasons as well as Halloween, but the month also takes on some brighter colors, as October is breast cancer awareness month, a time when you are encouraged to “Think Pink.”

This week Zeta Tau Alpha is reminding everyone of the importance of breast cancer awareness with the organization’s fourth annual “Pink Week.”

All events leading up to the game throughout the week will be held in the JBK East Commons from 12:15 p.m. until 1:00 p.m.
This week started off sweet as Monday featured a favorite pink treat, as ZTA made cotton candy and stressed students to be aware of the breast cancer issue.

Be sure to be camera ready on Tuesday, because you will get your opportunity to make a few memories with some pink.

“Tuesday will be a photo booth with lots of pink props that someone can pay to participate in,” Emily Gross, member of Zeta Tau Alpha said.

However bring your game face on Wednesday, because you can pay to play in a game of Bra Pong, where you can have a chance to play in an inventive new game. You might want to attend Pink Week on Thursday ready to compete once again, and also come on an empty stomach.

“ZTA is partnered with Yoplait, so Thursday will be a Yoplait yogurt eating contest,” said Gross.

There are events that will be continuing throughout the week such as a banner that will be set up in order for people to pay to kiss with red lipstick, and a sexiest legs competition.

The highlight of the week will be the game as WT fans will root on the Buffs to another victory, but also support a good cause, and there will be incentives for participating.

“Everyone who wears pink gets one dollar off their ticket to the game,” Ashlee Adams vice president one over programing for Zeta Tau Alpha said.

You can also give donations outside the gate, and buy a ribbon to hang outside the stadium for a loved one who has or had breast cancer.
All proceeds for the week will go straight toward a good cause.

“Our money goes straight to Zeta Tau Alpha and breast cancer awareness and education and they split the money up to different places, “Adams said.

So if you have some free time at lunch, swing buy to take part in the Pink Week festivities because the goal is near.

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Preview: Zeta Tau Alpha Pink Out Week