Black Friday hits new lows this season

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The Prairie Opinion. Art by Chris Brockman.

The Prairie Opinion. Art by Chris Brockman.

Black Friday has always served as a way to end the Thanksgiving Holiday and bring about the Christmas Spirit with crazy shopping hours, early mornings, long work shifts and people being trampled to death.

This year Black Friday found itself creeping into Thanksgiving Day even more so than in years past. Stores that are usually closed on Thanksgiving began opening in the evening to serve the consumer driven season that the holiday has turned into.

Thanksgiving and Christmas were two holidays that employees across the nation could count on not having to work. These employees are forced into sacrificing time with family for a madhouse like frenzy for a good deal.

Society has changed over the years and has adapted this idea of always wanting more. The American dream is no longer simple and attainable but expensive and debt ridden. We, as Americans, no longer value spending quality time with families, friends and loved ones.

Thanksgiving used to be a time to be thankful and enjoy peace from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This simple pleasure has been warped into a battlefield for a bargain. People disregard the simple fact that Thanksgiving is about being thankful, not about which store opens the earliest or has the best deal. People sacrifice precious time to wait in lines that seem to run miles long and encounter other people who are only filled with greed and not merriment.

Literal fights, shootings and beatings happened in stores across the nation this Black Friday. Major stores like WalMart have to have policemen monitor the crowds to stop these things from happening. Videos are going viral of all the brutal scenes and viewers across the world are left with a negative impression of the United States.

With the Christmas holiday approaching and the stress of gift buying looms overhead, the need to remember the basis of the holiday season is in order. Being thankful, giving and thoughtful should be top priorities rather than trying to outspend someone else or trample other people for a good bargain.

Retail employees have families as well and deserve respect and patience this holiday season as they are only trying to make the holiday shopping easy and smooth for the customer.


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Black Friday hits new lows this season