I hate Valentine’s Day: No really, I do

Kati Watson

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Not everyone likes Valentines. Photo by Frankie Sanchez.

Not everyone likes Valentines. Photo by Frankie Sanchez.

I hate Valentines Day almost as much as I hate Christmas and my birthday. I guess it is safe to say I’m a holiday hater. Now I do need to explain that this hate I harbor for specific holidays is not because of the meaning of the holidays but the way people have warped the meaning and celebrations. There is nothing worse than stale candy, expensive dates, and useless gifts.

Ladies, the meaning of Valentines Day is not about how great of a gift you get. Valentines Day is about love, as corny as it sounds. I say ladies because this holiday has become a day about women. Women sadly have warped this holiday from a day of love between two people into a day of men slaving to please their woman.

Valentines Day is one of the most important days of the year for women everywhere. As a fellow woman, I stand by a different viewpoint. I love my boyfriend and enjoy being with him, but I don’t expect him to buy me some super expensive gift just because it is Valentines Day. My boyfriend lives in Alaska and for Valentines Day I am sending him a box with a dustpan, broom, Nerf gun bullets, cleaning supplies, a movie or two, along with some other random things.  My sweet boyfriend will not be sending me flowers or flying down from Alaska to take me out to dinner, instead he will be calling me and we will chat on the phone just like any other night of the week.

I don’t understand the point of Valentines Day; it’s just like any other day of the year. The only difference between Feb. 14 and Feb. 15 is that Feb. 14 is Valentines Day and Feb. 15 is National Gumdrop Day.  I can go on a romantic date any day of the year, so why do I need to celebrate my love with the masses? I don’t just love my boyfriend for one day of the year so why should I just show it one day of the year?

For all the singles of the world, this is the most pointless and slightly depressing holiday of the year. I have been single for Valentines Day before and it was awful. All I could do was think of past Valentine Days. I also made the mistake of going out to dinner with my friends. Not a good idea. First, we had to wait about forty-five minutes at Chili’s.  Also, seeing all the couples together enjoying their date night was not easy to stomach.

Valentines day seems to be a woman’s holiday; I don’t really see many men chomping at the bit for Valentines Day. Most men are not romantic and the best they can do for Valentines Day is making reservations at Olive Garden.  I can understand a man’s frustration on this holiday. It has to be hard to try and get a girl that perfect gift, as well as plan that perfect dinner, without blowing your budget. I’m sure there are quite a few men out there who will agree with me that we should just get rid of this silly holiday. Even if they don’t say it to your face, ladies, some men understand just how pointless Valentines Day is.

I have only ever had one good Valentines Day and my date was my mom. Back in third grade, I came home from a tiring day at school. Instead of the usually post-school snack of butter crackers, carrots, and lemonade. My mother had a surprise set up on the kitchen table for my little brother and I.  The kitchen table was all decked out in red and pink! My mother made us heart-shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, pink heart-shaped jello, pink Kool-Aid with heart-shaped ice cubes and heart-shaped cookies. It was the best Valentines Day surprise I have ever had! It was my mother’s way of showing my brother and I how much she loved us.

If I believed in Valentines Day and wished to celebrate it, I would want it to be like the one I had with my mom back when I was eight. I plan on treating every day like it is Valentines Day, and plan on loving my boyfriend just the same every day. I suggest that you try to love your significant other the same every day and don’t fall in to the Valentines Day hype.

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I hate Valentine’s Day: No really, I do