Renovations target WT’s old empty buildings

Kati Watson

The Science Building in 1960 while the Agriculture and Natural Sciences building is being constructed. Courtesy of WTAMU's LeMirage 1960.

The Science Building in 1960 while the Agriculture and Natural Sciences building is being constructed. Courtesy of WTAMU's LeMirage 1960.

When walking around the WTAMU campus, a person will find two old buildings not being used for classes.  One might ask themselves what WT used these buildings for in the past, and what the future has in store for these picturesque buildings.

The Old Education Building, which is across from the museum exit and Old Main according to library records, has been around since 1928. The old Education building was built because WT needed more space. The Education Building was the second building on campus and the first building to only house classrooms.  The building was in use until the 1980s, then was closed and is now used for storage.  “We currently have more classroom space then we do students,” Tadhi Hayes, director of engineering and architectural services at the WT physical plant, said. “When enrollment rates increase we will look in to using the space”.

This means that the building will have to undergo some major changes, the asbestos will have to be removed as well as having the wiring and plumbing redone.

The second empty building on campus is the Agriculture and Nursing building and located next to the current Agriculture and Natural Sciences Building. What most WT students know as the Agriculture and Nursing Building actually started out as the Science Building back in 1943. The building was used for biology, chemistry and physics classes and was then closed in 1984 for renovations that never happened.

The building is currently being updated for the Department of Engineering and Computer Science move. According to Hayes, the building has already had the asbestos taken out, the windows replaced and the exterior renovated. The next step in renovating the building is gutting the first floor of the building and building all new classrooms and offices.  Hayes said the building will be ready to use in the spring of 2012.

Dr. Freddie Davis, Engineering Department Head, commented on the restoration of the Science Building.

“We are excited about the growth of the program and that the growth facilitates more space being needed,” Davis said.

With this new building, the department of Engineering and Computer Science is hoping to integrate an environmental engineering degree as well as an electrical engineering degree.

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2 Responses to “Renovations target WT’s old empty buildings”

  1. Anonymous on March 1st, 2011 5:22 pm

    Just one question……….when are you planning on taking your first Journalism class? Please study hard when you do! THEN get a box of kleenex and a paper bag before your re-read this “story”. I promise you will start crying and want to hide. BTW, I am a 1982 WT JOURNALISM graduate with over 20 years experience in journalism.


  2. Nathan Malone on April 27th, 2011 1:37 pm

    Thanks for this update. I have always enjoyed that south end of the campus and soon it will have new activity. Until a few years ago you could see the class schedule hanging inside the entrance for the last semester the building was open


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