WTAMU appeals to international graduate students

Jordan Fry

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Web Editor’s Note: This story is Part One of a three part series.

Veronica Guo. Photo by Jordan Fry.

Veronica Guo. Photo by Jordan Fry.

Veronica Guo

Henan, China

Communication Studies

Veronica Guo wanted to come to America to know more about the world and learn English.

“America has the best educational resources,” she said. “The best universities are here.”

Guo feels that the U.S. is a “mixed country” that has knowledgeable people and high quality educational institutions.

“It is the economic and political center,” she said. “It has all the qualifications to be the place to come for studying.”An American degree appealed to Guo because it is accepted almost anywhere.

“People in my country take a U.S. Master’s degree more seriously than others.”

She first learned of WT after some friends told her parents about the University. The reasonable tuition and the scholarship she received propelled her to come to WT.

After studying at WT, Guo said she likes the American learning style.

She explained that the students in Chinese graduate school are much more relaxed than the graduate students in America.

“In the U.S., graduate school is easy to get in and hard to get out. You may really need to spend a lot of time learning,” she said. “In China, graduate school is hard to get in, but easy to get out of.”

Guo loves the professors in her department and said most of the students here are very nice and friendly. She said she has met some great friends here.

After she graduates with her Master’s degree, Guo may apply for a second Master’s degree in another place.

“I want to know more about America and travel more places,” she said.

Rachel Le. Photo by Jordan Fry.

Rachel Le. Photo by Jordan Fry.

Rachel Le


Finance and Economics

Rachel Le wanted to go to graduate school in Texas because she has an uncle who is living in Dallas.

She began searching for Texas graduate schools through agencies and websites when she stumbled upon WTAMU in a Google search.

“I chose WT because it has reasonable tuitions and fees,” she said. “I also got a scholarship.”

Le said graduate school in Vietnam is similar to graduate school in the United States and several classes there are taught in English.

However, Le feels her education at WT has some advantages over her education in Vietnam. One of the biggest reasons Le likes WT is its small campus and class sizes.

“In Vietnam, college classes are usually big. I was in a class of around 200 students,” she said. “The professors barely remember the students.”

Le likes that she is able to get to know other students, both American and international.

She said although WT is not a well-known school, it “offers the best services at a reasonable price” and a Master’s degree from the U.S. will get her a better career.

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WTAMU appeals to international graduate students