2015-2016 The Prairie Staff

Jonathan Espinoza

Associate Editor

I currently serve as one of two associate editors for The Prairie News Organization.  This is my second semester working for The Prairie and it has been pretty rad so far and can't wait to see what is in store. "Put it before... 

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Preston Thomas


Hey my name is Preston and I'm a reporter for The Prairie on my fourth year here. Aside from news writing, I also help manage the website. I am also a co-creator and co-host of +INT, a podcast about geek news and culture.

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Russell Sanderson


My name is Russell Sanderson and I am one of the co-editors for The Prairie. I've been with The Prairie for a year and a half now. I'm a cast member for the podcast Plus-INT, your source for gaming and geekery. I'm looking to... 

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Kimberly Hancock

Associate Editor

My name is Kimberly Hancock and I am one of the Associate Editors for the Prairie. I have been a part of the Prairie for three semesters now and I am so honored to be a part of such a great community. I am originally from Lubbock,... 

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Kaley Green

KWTS News Director

My name is Kaley Green, and I am a senior Broadcast Journalism major at WT. I enjoy reporting for The Prairie, spending time with friends and family, and watching Netflix with my cat, Mel. I hope to become a TV news reporter after... 

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Jasmin Ruiz


My name is Jasmin Ruiz and I am a Journalism major at West Texas A&M University. I have been an active member of The Prairie since Spring 2014 and I am an Assistant Producer for Telemundo Amarillo.

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Natalia Molina


Hello everyone, my name is Natalia Molina and I was born in El Salvador, Central America. I am a Graphic Design Major at West Texas A&M University but I'm also interested in Advertising, Photography and Filming. I've been... 

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Anh Nguyen


I'm Anh Nguyen, and I am one of the new photographers for The Prairie this semester. I am a pretty shy person, but the more you know me the more talkative I become. So let's become friends, and I hope you will enjoy my photos... 

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Tran Nguyen


Traveling is my life. This statement describes everything about me. I love traveling, taking pictures and eating delicious food. Even though Tran Nguyen is a Vietnamese name, my heart has fallen in love with South Korea. I hope... 

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Jasmine Aranda


Hello! I am a Junior Broadcast Journalism major from Dimmitt, Texas. I write, take photos and spend my life on Netflix. My personal interests include music, dinosaurs, coffee, and professional dog petting.

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Gabriel Silvas

Podcast Host

I'm Gabriel Silvas, a junior Electronic Media Major. I'm a co-host for Plus INT, writer of video game and anime stuff, hopeful voice actor, and sleep enthusiast.

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