The xx’s new album marks the spot

The Prairie.

The Prairie.

After their successful début studio album in 2009, the English indie pop trio xx released their second album in September.

According to the Billboard 200, Coexist sold over 73,000 albums and was placed No. 5 on its opening week.

With their soothing music and soulful lyrics, the sophomore album is far from being a slump. The thirteen tracks were written by the three members of the band; Romy Croft, Oliver Sim and Jamie Smith.

The London-based group recorded their album from November 2011 until May 2012 and was released by the Young Turks.

Their first track, Angels, was released in July and has quickly become popular among people and so did Chained when it was released in August.

With a single leak to one fan, the band partnered with Microsoft to create a visualization that tracked the album’s online sharing stream along the world.

“To recreate the word-of-mouth phenomenon that made them famous, the xx shared their album stream to a single fan outside of London,” Amanada Holpuch wrote in the Guardian Blog.

According to Holpuch’s blog, that one single fan hogged the album for almost an hour before it was released.

“Twenty-four hours after the stream was shared, the site crashed from the millions of [users listening],” Holpuch wrote, “and the average user was spending 2.1 on the site.”