One Sessions returns to WT

The Prairie.

The Prairie.

The biannual One Sessions will return to WTAMU on Nov. 1 at the AT&T HD Studio of the Fine Arts Complex.

Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the show start at 7 p.m. Capacity for the One Sessions is for 45 people. The event will showcase Natalie Schlabs.

“It’s a cool thing to get involved with,” junior Hope Chasco said. “I’m sure others appreciate good music and a cool show to go along with it, so it’s fun to be able to help make it happen.”

Chasco said her role this semester is to design the stage, the set and the audience seating, making it look like a lounge.

“I haven’t been able to hear [Schlabs] yet, but I heard she was extremely talented which is what we love,” Chasco said.

Chasco encourages everyone to try and join because the One Sessions crew likes to show people the awesome things they can do if they get together.

“This is an event that’s put up for the Broadcasting department every year,” senior Jasmine Harris said. “So it’s exciting to see how this year’s One Sessions will turn out.”

Harris said that she has passed by the HD Studio many times and has seen the decorations.

“It seems like it has a homey feeling where you can sit down and just have a cup of coffee,” Harris said.

Some students who have never attended a One Session before are excited for the music-filled event.

“I’ve never been to One Sessions before,” freshman Tessa Davis said. “But I do love music and concerts.”

Davis said she knows there is limited seating and hopes she will be able to make it into the select few that will be able to go.

“I think I would be pretty bummed out if I didn’t get to see the artists,” Davis said. “I don’t know any of the artists, but I’m a willing listener to anything new and local.”