Veterans Services Move Proves to Be More Accessible to Students

Feature Story. Art by Chris Brockman.
Feature Story. Art by Chris Brockman.

Each year, WTAMU’s Veterans Services helps hundreds of veterans as they depart from their military duties and dive into a completely new experience—college. The Veterans Services are here to provide services and support both personally and academically.

“We provide assistance for veterans and dependents using educational benefits both federal and nor state,” Leo Reid, coordinator of Veterans services, who just joined the team last June said.

In order to help and get more out there, the service has just recently moved to their space in the Student Success Center right by Educational services.

“Access is increased,” pointed out Reid. With the old offices being hidden behind the Registrar’s office, now they are not only more visible but accessible.

“I love it. I like the location,” Sharon Childers, a Veterans/Hazlewood Coordinator said. “The access is easier for the Veterans. We are here with all the other services for students,” said Childers. The accessibility seems to be one of the best factors in the new move.

“We’re more centralized now. When I need to show someone another student service, instead of telling them to walk across campus, I can actually show them,” Angel De La Cruz, junior, secondary education Social Studies said and who is a VA (veterans administration). “We get to contribute to society again,” De La Cruz said. Currently, on the twelfth class day of the new semester, there were 387 Veterans associated with Veterans Services.