Buff News Brief

Local News Story. Art by Chris Brockman.
Local News Story. Art by Chris Brockman.

In 1990, a publication called Ink Blot was the creative arts publication for West Texas State University. Three years later, WTSU was rebranded into WTAMU and the new creative writing journal was born: The Legacy.

The Legacy is a creative writing journal with a twist. Each semester a competitive writing contest is held with the chance to win a first, second, or third place prize.

WT students can submit their writing that will be read anonymously by a panel of editors for the chance to be published or win one of the writing contests.

“For me, the best part is working with editors and writers,” Dr. Patricia Tyrer faculty advisor for The Legacy, said.

One of the many events The Legacy puts on is Open Mic Night at Barnes and Noble.
Once a month, the informal event brings students together to share poems, short stories, and essays.

“It’s where everyone comes together and reads what they’ve wrote,” Treasurer and Staff Editor Bethany Jones, said. “It creates a really creative environment.”