Cowboys, Royals and Giants, Oh My!


Another weekend in the books, another weekend of sports to look at. Since baseball and football are at the forefront of things, let’s look at everything that h as happened in both this past week/ weekend. So, in my last entry, I talked about the Royals being the Cinderella story, and rightfully so. The Giants though are back in a World Series for the third time in five years. The Giants seem to always find a way back into these situations, especially when they get to the postseason. They are seemingly unstoppable in October, but these Royals haven’t lost a game yet in October this year. They have lineup that runs the bases better than any other in baseball, and a bullpen that you won’t hit a home run off of, much less score. If the Giants are to win their third pennant in five years, they’ll need to figure out a way to get ahead big in the early innings, because the Royals seem to have the upper hand in extra-inning, low- scoring battles. The Royals, in my honest opinion, will be okay if they continue to do exactly what they’re doing. That’s pitching effectively and running the bases like it’s their last day on Earth. Let’s see if you can answer that, supposed new Mr. October, Buster Posey. Moving to the NFL, the Cowboys are not looking like the Cowboys of recent years past. This is a Cowboys team that thinks, and plays like they have something to prove, and so far, they have for sure proved it. This defense is playing much better than the one that many people at the beginning predicted to be the worst of all time, and I would tend to credit i t to that linebacker core. When Sean Lee was injured, it seems as if most was lost, but Rolando McClain and Bruce Carter have shown that the Boys don’t really need Sean Lee at this point. When it comes to the offense, there isn’t enough you can say about them. You now have a running game that has a running back that has ran for seven straight games with a hundred yards each game, a feat that no one else has ever achieved. You have a quarterback that is playing more like a game manager than trying to be a game maker, which a lot of the times turned into a game breaker. You have a wide receiver that makes plays when he needs to, and makes defending cornerbacks look silly. Dare I say the Playmaker 2.0? You have an offensive line that allows for all of this to happen. Wow, seems like I just described the Cowboys offense of the early 90’s. Maybe that isn’t too far fetched anymore.