WRCA hosts annual rodeo

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The Working Ranch Cowboys Association held their 19th World Championship Ranch Rodeo Nov. 6-9. It was a massive event, with spectators from all over the country in attendance. Ranch companies from several states competed in the event.


The rodeo wasn’t the only part of this spectacle. All four days were an all-day event, with vendors attending to sell their products, whether they be saddles, boots, ropes and even buckle engraving. Up until the performances started at 7 in the evening, and 2 p.m. on Sunday, vendors were displaying their trades.


According to wcra.org, the WRCA started the Working Ranch Cowboys Foundation in 2001. Since then, it has given over a half a million dollars to working ranch cowboys and their immediate families in crisis situations. The WRCF also funds scholarships for future veterinarians, ranch managers and those aspiring to enter other job fields that deal with working on a ranch. The WCRR is the foundation’s largest fundraiser with ticket sales for the performances contributing to the foundation, a raffle that takes place and an auction.


Twenty-two teams competed in the rodeo, and they came from states all across the country, including Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming. To qualify to compete, the teams had to either place 1st in a WRCA sanctioned event or behind an already qualified team. The WCRR is different from most rodeos in the fact that the events that take place are those that simulate what would happen on an actual ranch, such as calf branding or wild cow milking. The competitors were excited for the opportunity and were ready to put on a good show.


“Oh man, we just try to go, go make a good run in every event we’ve got tonight and have fun while doing it,” Kelly Spears, competitor for Angell Ranch Company from New Mexico, said.


Alongside Spears was his teammate Chris Price, who was impressed with the rodeo and the effort WRCA put into it.


“[I’m] just happy to be here. Glad they put this on,” Price said. “It’s a big deal. It’s a good rodeo. They put a lot of work into it.”


The last event was held Sunday afternoon, and winners were announced later in the evening. The top team received a 20-foot trailer from Easley Trailer, and the top hand would receive a 16-foot trailer, also from Easley, for use of one year.