Review: The Life of Pablo

Review: The Life of Pablo

Geordan Venison, Reporter

Kanye West’s new album, “The Life of Pablo”, is an extremely messy album, sonic wise. However, he did a perfect job letting the songs capture his life. It changes sounds sonically many times throughout one listen, and takes you through many varieties of music Kanye has made over his career.

The opening song, “Ultralight Beam” almost has a gospel feel to it and is used as a prayer to start off the craziness of the entire album. Kanye, calling for help from God in his life, motivates the song. The next three tracks are all bangers that are very glamorous, and also, talk about his life and then bragging about it.

The fifth song on the album “Feedback” is an ode to his last album, “Yeezus”. Kanye raps very unapologetic about his success and carries that through the next few songs “Highlights”, “Freestyle 4” and the humorous song, “I Love Kanye”.

After that, the next four songs I found are very honest and self-revealing. Kanye digs into his personal life and family struggles with the songs “FML”, “Real Friends”, “Wolves” and “30 Hours”, which is about a past relationship he had.

The second to last song, “Facts”, is more than just a month old song. This version has a different instrumental than the rest and is very braggadocious. He talks about the success of his shoe line, his wife Kim’s’ app, and also includes current events from Bill Cosby and Steve Harvey.

The final song “Fade” is very mellow with a danceable instrumental in it. It almost serves as a song to play when the credits of the album are rolling on a screen.

“The Life of Pablo” is not a very clear listen the first couple times you hear it, but with repetition, it becomes clearer. The album sums up the mess of Kanye’s life and the different layers of it as well. It’s a very solid album, not his best work, but very solid. That’s all that Kanye fans could ask for.


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