Student Chic: The Clothes You Wear


Editorial Board

Walking around a college campus you always bump into two types of people. Those who woke up and got ready for school and those who just woke up. Going to school like you just got out of bed is not a norm in the life of a college student, in fact it is recommended. Going to class at 7am while pulling an all-nighter trying to finish your other project and homework can be tough, and when you literally live 5 feet away from campus it’s just so necessary. At least we are going to class right? Nobody want to sit in a lecture for an hour and dressed like you’re going to a job interview, sometimes and the only time it should be necessary to dressed like that is when you are presenting for class or if you do have a job interview. Here at The Prairie we are telling you that it is ok to be comfortable while you’re also trying to learn and if you do need to get dressed up for school but just aren’t feeling it then not to worry, just take some close to class and change in the bathroom before your big day (nobody will suspect a thing.) Another reason why we think that being lazy and dressed like you’re ready for bed the minute you go back to your dorm is because you don’t need to impress anyone, unless you’re trying to impress someone who has interest in you (then please, do your thing.) but we are pretty sure many of our professors and instructors have been through the same situation we are in and are totally understandable, but that doesn’t mean you should go to a panel or another business casual event wearing the same pajama pants that you haven’t washed in the past 3 weeks. That would be uncalled for. Our overall point is, wear what is necessary for your daily occasions. We completely understand and would never judge you, do your thing and Go Buffs!