Spring Break 2016: Be Smart

Editorial Staff

Spring break is a fantastic time of the year. It’s that middle of the semester break, where college students can unwind and kind of relax, or work on that project that they’ve put off for some time and catch back up. Some students stay around campus and take in that certain kind of peace that comes with a college campus when classes aren’t in session. Some students go home and spend time with family and old friends. Some go on vacation to the beach somewhere, and spend the break having fun with other college students like themselves.


The Prairie’s view on spring break is that students should definitely have fun. Have all the fun in the world, but don’t be an idiot this spring break. Don’t be “that guy” that ruins the occasion by making a stupid decision. Here are some of the dos and don’ts for spring break.


The first “do” is a simple one. Have fun. Chill out. It is the time to have fun and relax. Also, while relaxing, attempt to get some of that school work that might have been forgotten about taken care of. It’ll be a shock when one sees how much work they can actually get done when they have all the free time in the world.


The first “don’t” is probably the simplest one. Don’t drink and drive. No matter if one is in South Padre, back at home with friends, or just hanging out in the college’s town, you should always avoid driving under the influence. Have a designated driver, or a ride set up before hand, whether it be Uber or a taxi, or even parents. It’s more dangerous and more embarrassing to get in an accident than have parents pick one up because there had been a little too much to drink.


Another “do” is make time for family. Being with family could be one way to put stress at ease, plus having family time is just beneficial to easing that home sickness that some college students feel. One can reconnect and catch up on everything that has been going on, plus it’s essentially a free vacation.


The Prairie wants to wish everyone a safe and fun spring break in whatever capacity they may be enjoying it. Make it awesome, but also make it safe. Most of all, don’t be an idiot.