Fun Things to do in Amarillo

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For us students living in Canyon, we usually tend to get pretty bored on some days. If we ever do, nine times out of ten, we all end up somewhere in Amarillo. Other than just hanging out at coffee shops, restaurants, Target, Wal-Mart or the mall, there is actually quite a bit to do in Amarillo that you may have never thought of before.

Museum’s in Amarillo

One of the top unique museums to go and check out in Amarillo is The Jack Sisemore Traveland RV Museum. What began as restoring and collecting unusual vintage RV’s over 25 years ago, as now turned into a collection of unique RV homes. And what is also great about this museum is that it is free!

The American Quarter Horse Heritage Center and Museum is also another great one to check out in Amarillo as well. This museum exhibits interactive and devoted famous horse breeds and ranching history is America.

Love flying or anything to deal with space? Then the Texas Air and Space Museum is just the place for you! For just 6 to 12 dollars you are welcome to walk around and see all the displays of civilian and military aircraft and as well as a wide range of air and space artifacts.

Site-seeing in Amarillo

We all know that Palo Duro Canyon is just 10 miles East of the University and tons of college students and families make a trip to the Canyon during the spring season. Other than the Canyon, two other great site-seeing places to go to, is one, The Cadillac Ranch. Where else but Amarillo would Cadillac cars get set in the dirt for your viewing pleasure? Also, the historic Route 66 District is another great place to go see as well. With a few little shops to stop by, a lot of travelers love to come out and take a drive on Route 66.

Fun Thrilled places in Amarillo

If museums or site seeing isn’t for you some days and you’re wanting more of a fun filled activity, then these places are for you!The first place you should go to is The Amarillo Zoo. For just 4 dollars a person, you and your friends can go and see the beautiful 15-acre site filled with 150 animals representing 88 species from around the world.

After the Zoo, you can head on over to Wonderland Amusement Park and enjoy tons of different rides and games for around 17 dollars during the weekday to 25 dollars on the weekends. Or you could also head on over to Splash Amarillo on a hot day and cool off for around 24 dollars. Splash Amarillo has body slides, a wave pool, lazy river, kids play area, mat slides, sand volleyball, and their famous 40’ sidewinder.

So if you ever say you’re bored while sitting in your dorm room during the week or on the weekends, you now have a list of fun things you can go and check right up the road in Amarillo.