Wake Up!

Wake Up!

Aileen Taylor, Reporter

“I am going to start getting up every morning and working out!” said every college student the night before, but for some reason, getting up to go work out is probably one of the greatest challenges we students have ever faced, so that is why I have found a few tips that should make getting up for that early morning run a little easier.


Lay out your everything you need the evening before!

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Getting out to the gym at 6 am is difficult enough without stumbling around searching for your left sneaker. If you set out everything the night before, then it can make getting up and out the door (before you change your mind and crawl back in bed) a little easier. Also, make sure your perfect playlist is made so you aren’t worried about your tunes.


Set multiple alarms!


I know one alarm on its own is annoying, but you are less likely to ignore five alarms telling you to go fight off the Freshman 15 than being able to shut off one alarm and slip back into sweet dreams. Along with that, place your phone somewhere where you have to get up to turn it off. Once you’re officially out of bed, getting out the door is that much simpler.


Grab a friend!


Finding a workout buddy can make getting up a little easier because you’re not just getting up for yourself anymore. You don’t want to let your friend down. I have actually been in situations where neither my friend or I actually wanted to go work out, but because we had made that commitment to each other, we went anyways because we didn’t want to be the one to cancel our plans.


In the long run, you are going to be so much happier having made it to the gym. You are going to feel more awake during your day and the more you create a habit of getting up earlier to get your sweat on, the easier it will become. So get up, grab some friends, and go hit the gym!

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