It’s Cinco de Mayo! Fiesta Time!

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It’s Cinco de Mayo! Fiesta Time!

Gissel Olivas, Reporter

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It is Cinco de Mayo! That means big parties and celebrations here in the United States to honor Mexican food, culture, and traditions, so it has to be better and bigger in Mexico right?!?!


Wrong. Mexico does not really celebrate this day, except in Puebla where the battle was actually fought but other than that, it is just another day in Mexico.

So why is it that we celebrate it more here in the U.S. than in Mexico where it actually took place?


There are a lot of people with Mexican descendent living here so it only makes sense to celebrate the culture just like we do with St. Patrick’s Day but it is also an opportunity to party and have fun. Although it is a Mexican holiday, it has become more of a Mexican-American holiday over the course of the years.

In Mexico it is seen like any other day, banks and offices remain open but in the U.S. it is a day to celebrate Mexican culture and heritage especially in areas with high Mexican-American populations. Chicanos were the group that initially advocated for the celebration because they identified with the Mexican victory against the European invaders. Now the celebrations here include things like parades, festivals, parties, traditional food, and any other way that the culture can be incorporated.








A huge problem with this holiday here in the United States is that people think it is to celebrate Mexico’s Independence Day but I am here to tell you that that is completely wrong. This is only celebrating a battle victory in Puebla against the French. Mexico’s Independence Day isn’t celebrated until September 16th so these are two completely different holidays.



With that being said, here are a few do’s and don’t’s  for you about Cinco de Mayo!

-Remember it is not Independence Day so DON’T treat it like it is. There is no need to go around and say “Happy Cinco de Mayo” to everyone you see. It’s really not that big of a holiday.

-DON’T be stereotypical and wear sombreros and mustaches. It is not necessary. Thanks but no thanks.

Sincerely, all Mexicans

-DO enjoy Mexican food and beverages. Go ahead, have a nice margarita but DON’T get wasted because again, remember it is celebrating a battle in which lives were lost so be considerate of that.

-DON’T try speaking Spanish if you don’t know how to people who actually speak it. It’s great that you took those years of Spanish in high school and all but don’t be cheesy and don’t ask someone to speak Spanish for your entertainment.

-DON’T go to Mexico with the hopes of celebrating Cinco de Mayo the Mexican way. You will most likely not find anything very exciting. They do not celebrate this holiday there. You are better off saving some money, staying in the U.S. and going to a festival here.