Preparing For Winter Already?


Editorial Board

As the start of the fall season starts the Panhandle will soon be presented with lower temperatures caused by cold fronts and many storms bringing wet roads and possibly already ice and snow with the low temps. So what does this mean for students and faculty across campus? Well, it might just be time to go ahead and prepare to winterize your vehicles and homes.

The harsh fall and winter months can actually do serve damage to your vehicle if you have not prepared properly. According to and, they provided a list of task to complete to help get ready.

  1. Good Visibility.

It is very important to have correct or new windshield wipers put on your car for those rough winter or rainy nights when you could possibly be traveling away from campus or to any event. With old wipers, they could leave behind residue that could possible freeze over on your windshield and make it more difficult to see.  Also be sure that your headlights are all working properly and clear of anything that could be covering them so you can have the most visibility as possible.

2. Keep all fluid levels full.

When driving in rain or snow, people tend to use a lot more windshield wiper fluid than normal. Also if any fluid levels are low, it could cause problems when starting your car or freeze in the harsh conditions. So much sure all fluid levels are high so you don’t face any problems starting up your car.

3. Pack A Winter Safety Kit.

Some of the scariest situations can be in times of a storm while you are on the road.  There have been so many news stories in the past during the winter months of people being trapped in the car in snow and have no resources available to them. The best thing to have in your car in case this ever happens to anyone, is to have a small box filled with items like a ice Scraper, Bag of sand a shovel, cell phone, flare, first aid kit, extra antifreeze, flashlight and batteries, car tool kit, jumper cables, warm clothing, non-perishable food and drinks, and a pack of matches.

4. Service Your Vehicle Regularly.

It is always important to have your vehicle looked multiple times every year. It is great to have someone else’s perspective on the parts in your car and what you should do to help keep it running longer. So before the winter season approaches, take your vehicle in and make sure everything is all ready for those long cold nights.

As always, if you do go to your car and something is not working right, UPD is always on campus to help any students who might be having any troubles with their vehicles and can also call local mechanics to come and help out as well.