Take Back Our Thanksgiving


The Prairie Editorial Staff

In between bites of mashed potatoes and roasted turkey, Grandma Sue asks the dreaded question: “So, honey, what have you decided to do with your life?”

Thanksgiving marks a time to count our blessings, celebrate family and friends, watch football, and fill our plates overflowing with food. However, when well-meaning relatives begin the interrogation phase of the celebration, it can feel as though the stuffing was just knocked out of you.

If you’re single, they’ll ask when you’re going to find a boyfriend or girlfriend. If you’re dating, they’ll ask when you’re going to get married. If you’re married, they’ll ask when you’re going to have children.

And if you have children, they’ll ask you what’s wrong with your kids.

First, realize that these questions usually come from a place of love and concern. The advice may sting a bit, but these relatives often have a wealth of wisdom and experiences to share. Nod, smile, and ask yourself if their suggestions would be helpful—if so, try it out. If not, don’t let it bother you any longer, and quickly go back for a second helping of pie.

We of The Prairie encourage you to take a stand this Thanksgiving. Don’t become defensive, but be confident in who you are. Own that undeclared major and that Facebook relationship status with pride. We’re still figuring it out, and a few questions should not have the power to turn a season of gratitude into one of dissatisfaction.

WTAMU students—let’s take back our Thanksgiving.