Invest Free Time in Relationships, Growth During Break


The Prairie Editorial Staff

After the pencil dust has cleared and the heart rates have lowered, the end of finals week can bring happiness, relief, and a valuable commodity that many of us have not enjoyed for several months—free time.

First, a much-needed Netflix binge is due in order to unwind from the pile of anxieties and stresses. After those first couple of days pass, however, students are left with a full month before classes begin yet again. While some students may fill these days just as full with work and other activities, it is likely that most will at least find themselves with more flexibility in their schedules than they had during the past semester.

Students could devote this time to sleep, food and television, and while they would come back with a wealth of movie reviews and sitcom quotes, we of The Prairie suggest several other ways in which this time can be spent.

The Christmas break can be a perfect time to make memories with family and catch up with old friends. We recommend that students invest in their relationships with friends and family through going on coffee dates, watching Hallmark movies or Christmas Day releases, going on trips together, and eating family meals.

The holiday season can also provide the opportunity for personal growth. Students can begin learning to play a new instrument, read books, or take up a new hobby. They may even have the chance to get a few cooking lessons from a relative so that the menu for next semester isn’t quite so centered on ramen and takeout food.

Over the next month, students should certainly take the time to relax—additionally, though, the break can also afford the time for the activities and relationships that students haven’t had the chance to pursue during the busyness of essays and exams. Make this Christmas break one filled with growth to be continued and memories to be remembered for years to come.