Celebrate Valentine’s Day Regardless of Relationship Status


The Prairie Editorial Staff

Valentine’s Day – a day of flowers, engagements, hearts and pink hues with love filling the air.

Or a day of annoying social media posts, PDA, resentment and emotional eating.

Valentine’s Day – it’s all about perspective.

However, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about the extremes. It’s a day to celebrate love, and a person’s relationship status should not determine their feelings about the holiday. For couples in romantic relationships, Valentine’s Day provides the perfect opportunity for having a date night or giving thoughtful gifts. For those who are single on the holiday, the day provides an opportunity to show the love that truly has others’ best interest at heart—the kind of love that doesn’t begrudge others for having what they do not.

Singles on Valentine’s Day don’t merely need to send their best wishes to others, though; they can also join in on the holiday celebration. Take advantage of a day to enjoy friendships: The options are endless and include a Galentine’s Day like Leslie Knope on “Parks and Recreation,” a movie marathon, a trip to get ice cream, or a friends’ dinner. Or, if friends are busy with other plans, treat yourself to a favorite meal and a binge-watching night (just avoid the Hallmark movies). Basically, Valentine’s Day activities without the pressure of getting the perfect gift for a significant other.

Then, the day after Valentine’s Day, the real celebration begins with the shelves upon shelves of discount candy, chocolates and flowers. And who can be upset about that?

Yes, on couple-centric days like Valentine’s Day, it can be easy to become focused on what you don’t have. However, for those in relationships and singles alike, let’s use this day to celebrate love in its purest form – a love that does not envy with a mindset that appreciates the relationships, romantic or platonic, with which we have been blessed.