Picking up the Pieces

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Picking up the Pieces

The Prairie Editoral Staff

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Lately it seems like there is nothing but bad news coming our way.  From the unfortunate events that began in Charlottesville, VA, to the destruction left by hurricane Harvey here in our beloved home state, a sense of sadness abounds.

As the news unfolds on a hourly basis, we are inundated with stories of destruction, but we are also made aware of so many acts of kindness, so many instances of hope and love that it is almost impossible to not see the innate goodness in the human beings all around us.

If the destruction were to have a price tag, it could very well pass the $190 billon mark.  But more so than the monetary cost of the things we have, there is the emotional cost as well.  As the survivors begin to pick up the pieces of their life interrupted, they do so with heavy hearts.  How do you put a value on homes filled with memories, now damaged by flood waters?  Of pets lost?  Simply, you can not.

While gathering up one’s life and attempting to begin anew, whether in the place they call home or somewhere else, may be easier for some than it is for others, it will be done so with hope for a better tomorrow.  It will be done so with helping hands from all across this great country.  Although it seems like there is nothing but bad news coming our way, we can find solace in the fact that so many people have offered their help in any way possible.

West Texas A&M University and the people of the Texas Panhandle are doing their part as well.  The morning of September 1 saw students depart to the Houston area to offer assistance.  And the tailgate prior to the September 2 game will feature a Fill the Semi event where individuals are encouraged to donate to help the victims of the hurricane.

We here at the Prairie are proud to call this place home and it warms our hearts to see members of our campus community come together in times like this to help those in need.  Go Buffs!

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