Buff Gaming Brings Community to WTAMU

Emilio Sanchez/the Prairie


Allison Hurst, Junior Reporter

Each year, thousands of students return or arrive for the first time to college. For many of them, they wish to find something to be a part of that makes campus feel like home. Each organization creates a unique atmosphere for students to feel welcome. Recently, Buff Gaming has become on one of the newest organizations and seeks to be a welcoming place for others to have fun while opening up to new people.

While the organization does involve gaming, it seeks to be more than that. Buff  gaming hopes to help make West Texas A&M a home for students. 

 “We welcome everybody.” said senior communications major Tori Browder.

Most recently, the organization held a League of Legends and Mario Smash Brothers tournament that raised money for St. Jude’s Children Hospital. This was the first large event for the organization and served multiple purposes that benefitted the group.

The event sought to “get our name out there while supporting a good cause,” said general studies major Marcus Ruff who also serves as the treasurer for Buff Gaming.

All of the proceeds from the event were donated to St. Jude’s and an event like this truly emphasized that in addition to serving WTAMU,  the organization is also interested in serving the community beyond.

In addition to “exposure for ourselves,” Browder said, “We want our club to really help out as much as we can with the community.” 

All of this illustrates BuffGaming’s belief in the importance of community. In their service to WTAMU, Buff Gaming serves a group that is not yet represented on campus.

 “E-Sports is a huge community that is growing and we want to be able to do more with it,” said Browder. 

This organization engages with the gaming community on campus and connects students with similar interests while providing a platform for them to do what they love with others.

 “It’s a fun environment with a bunch of people who love games,”  said Ruff. 

However, more important than the gaming, is the impact that the organization can have on a student’s life beyond the gaming world.

“It brings a lot of people out of their shell,” said Tu.

Buff Gaming hopes to continue to grow and create a home for students, whether they are gamers or not. The group meets every Wednesday and membership is available to anyone interested.

“Joining a club like this has helped open me up to new people,” said freshman computer information systems major Adreyan Tu, “It’s made my experience at WT more enjoyable.”