Op/Ed:Sporting events or Graduation Ceremony?


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How important are graduation ceremonies during this time?

The final hoorah, you finally made it to the finish line. However, due to COVID-19, things as we know it have changed quite a bit. From canceled concerts, sporting events and for the students at WTAMU, walking the stage for graduation.

While I do agree that during this time sacrifices need to be made for the betterment of everyone, the cancelation of the graduation ceremonies here at WTAMU has seemed to cause an uproar while sporting events here on campus have been able to go on seemingly without a hitch.

Now to me, this seems backward seeing as sports such as volleyball, football and baseball have all been able to continue while following COVID-19 precautions. I believe if following social distancing measures, wearing a mask and limiting the number of people at the graduation ceremony just like if you are to attend a sporting event, then the graduation ceremony should go on.

During these times walking the stage may not seem as important or may be viewed as a battle cry for attention. However, as a senior getting ready to exit out into the real world, walking the stage and getting a proper graduation ceremony is not so much a celebration, but the final page to the chapter that I can close and move on with my life.

According to graduation.tamu.edu, “ All graduates, friends, and family members who plan to attend are strongly encouraged to get a Covid-19 test prior to the commencement ceremony The face covering policy will be enforced with no exceptions. All individuals attending must wear a face-covering upon entry and throughout the duration of the entire ceremony. Security will escort those not in compliance out of the building.”

I feel with these precautions in place as well as if we look at WTAMU athletics and how they have handled COVID-19 while still being able to have sporting events then graduation ceremonies that students look forward to their whole academic careers can also be achieved.

While I understand perhaps I cannot use sports and graduation in the same basket when it comes to COVID-19 and what gets approved and what doesn’t. While I know it is up to a higher power than I, perhaps you the reader have had a change of opinion. Maybe you don’t care or maybe you just want everything to go back to normal as I can assume everyone does. However, even with everything going on in the world I am fortunate and optimistic for what the future holds.


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