Is Xcel Energy right to interrupt power supply?


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Many residents of Amarillo and Canyon have for the past couple of weeks encountered many power fluctuations, which have led to some residents having faulty appliances, not to talk of hikes in electric bills over the past weeks. In the wake of the winter weather advisory over record breaking snowfall, residents have been in shock as to the erratic power supply they have been served, just when they needed it the most. A wise business owner take notes of business electricity comparison in order to monitor the business’ finances.

Energy providers, Xcel Energy indicated that they as a company had been forced to interrupt power to selected electric circuits for up to one hour at a time until system conditions improved. Some people say that everyone should stop paying their electricity bill until Xcel Energy can provide uninterrupted service. This may not actually be the solution to the problem because, Xcel Energy themselves may not have been ready to brace the cold and may not have had all the resources available to deal with all of the icy conditions.

Nobody asked for the cold, no one wanted to have huge inches of snow that came along with freezing temperatures that the region hadn’t experienced for over a century. Xcel Energy as a service provider should be able to have other alternatives available to its customers, regardless of what the problems might be. Also, there could be an alternative solution from Xcel Energy because, customers still get the same amount of bills like they would have been charged, if they had access to power during the entire period.

That notwithstanding, the customers may also be able to understand, if the company gives ample reasons for their actions, or their decision to interrupt power to those circuits that had been selected. Having said this, residents deciding not to pay their electric bills until Xcel Energy fixed “the problem” may have its pros and cons. Deciding not to pay bills may, in the long run, affect the residents because, the company may decide to cut all access to homes that have defaulted in payment – especially for power that has been used previously.

Paying the bills may also equip Xcel Energy with the resources that would enable them to resolve any faults that may have affected their equipment, or better, pay for extra cost of labor that the company may have incurred in the quest to fix customers’ insistent grievances in the wake of the cold front that hit most parts of the country.

Nobody is really at fault here, nobody is to be blamed, just the weather. What is to be done here is for Xcel Energy to not displace extra cost on to customers, who by themselves are facing frantic conditions that require them to need more power for other things, warming their homes more specifically. If customers cannot be warm in their own home for a reasonable price, I wonder what would be the best alternative?


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