National I Want You To Be Happy Day, a day worth celebrating.


Johnny Lawhon

National I Want You To Be Happy Day Celebration.

In today’s fast-paced society, many people believe that it is important to remember to spread happiness to others. National I Want You To Be Happy Day for some, is a great time to do this, and one organization on the West Texas A&M University’s campus took full advantage to do what they could to spread happiness on this day.

National I Want You To Be Happy Day takes place every year on March 3rd. The purpose of this national day is to do what you can to try to spread happiness to others. When people get busy with all the responsibilities the world throws at them, it can be difficult to focus on the idea of happiness and what people can to help others find joy. National I Want You To Be Happy Day serves as a reminder that every day should be filled with happiness, and that joy for others should be at the top of everyone’s mind.

According to, “National I Want You to be Happy Day on March 3rd encourages us to do something that makes others happy. It also asks us to see others’ happiness from their point of view. Putting a smile on someone’s face tends to put one on ours, too.”

This year in celebration of National I Want You To Be Happy Day, The Offices of Student Engagement and Leadership at WTAMU hosted an event in which they served cookies decorated with smiley faces, and they had people that stopped by their event reflect on what makes them happy. Then, participants wrote down what makes them happy on post-it notes, and stuck it to the happy board that the organization created. OSEL chose to host this event because they felt like it was the perfect opportunity to spread happiness, in a time where so many people have been struggling.

“National I Want You To Be Happy Day was a success and seemed to get students involved, and of course, happy,” said Laiken McClure, greek student consultant.

Thinking of others seems to be the theme of National I Want You To Be Happy Day, and for some, is a good starting point of what people should try to do all year round. Checking on that friend or family member that you haven’t heard from in a while, or seeing that classmate that walks into the classroom that seems to be having a hard time and making a point to spread happiness, are examples of how to celebrate this day other times other than on March 3rd.

“Go around, make sure you spread happiness, spread joy, just like you do every other day. This is a good day to do some service learning projects, or community service. That way you can go out into your community and spread happiness everywhere,” said Tyler Griffeth, student activities consultant.

Because of the event that Student Engagement and Leadership hosted on the WTAMU campus, more happiness was spread amongst students, and it showed that the organization truly cares about everyone on campus. National I Want You To Be Happy Day was not forgotten this year at WTAMU, and many students had the opportunity to see what making others happy is all about.


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