Book review “Sissie Klein is Completely Normal”


“Sissie Klein is Completely Normal” book cover illustrated by Brigid Pearson

Kris Clink, an alum of West Texas A&M University, is an author who released a novel, which was available for reading on Nov. 9, 2021. Known for interesting characters, “Sissie Klein is Completely Normal” is a fun novel, set in the Texas Hill Country. Following a character’s path from girlhood to womanhood, readers can get excited to get into a story about life, and its ups and downs.

Without spoiling the novel, imagine all of your college experiences and all of your bad dating experiences put into one. You will be able to relate to the main character meeting terrible people and fairweather friends if you have ever experienced anything like it. It is an everyday novel, something you can dip your toes in until they crinkle. Readers can get excited to get tugged into the novel, as you wonder what will happen as time goes on.

The novel follows Sissie Klein as she learns her life is about to change unexpectedly. Whether you are young or old, there is something in this novel for you. There are elements of “The Edge of Seventeen” and as the character matures, we see her learn and grow. The novel is gripping in its realism. The novel is a quick read. Coming in at 392 pages print length, you will enjoy reading about this relatable character.

Things move fairly quickly in the novel, with the character moving through adolescence to adulthood fairly quickly. The reader can guess what can happen next, but you will never really know. If you like a small-town story, with elements of romance and family, you will love this novel. A life journey is explored within the novel and you will fall for the main character as she is trying to make do in a crazy world.

The characters are real and the fictionality of it all reels you in. It is intense, thought-provoking and heartwarming. You will feel for all the characters, understanding the humanity within each of them. Even if this is not your kind of novel, you can learn something about life from the characters and they treat the ups and downs with such grace.

The novel is also funny in its own way. The main character has the most interesting thoughts about her parents, her siblings and her husband. You will want to laugh and cry at the same time regarding the happenings of this novel. “Sissie Klein is Completely Normal” as we all are when we have to go through the circle of life.

“Sissie Klein is Completely Normal” is available to download and buy on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and at Target, alongside many other stores internationally. Check it out for a fun read and get invested into these fascinating characters and their lives. Kris Clink’s website can be found online, where she discusses her novels, and her life.