Op/Ed: My time as a Buffalo


Photo by Cayenne Williams

As always, God bless and go Buffs!

After four and a half years, it has finally come to an end. My undergraduate career is now over, and here I am to share my experiences with you all. Although I wouldn’t change anything for the world, I must warn you, in order to grow, one must face challenging circumstances. That’s exactly what I did here in Canyon, TX at West Texas A&M University.

WTAMU has been my home for four and a half years, and I have met people I truly consider my family. My friends I’ve known since freshman year of college, I have practically lived with. We have done everything together. I have to say, college is definitely a team sport in the way that everyone powers through and encourages others along the way. These people know everything about me. It’s such a weird bond that is formed, but I can’t imagine my life without these people.

College is not for the faint of heart, it is really experiential learning. You leave home at 18 years old and you think you know who you are, then, time and people change you, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worst. Either way, it’s part of the crazy ride and part of learning. In my case, I knew who I was coming in, then I had some crazy changes in the middle, and now I’m back to the person I started as, but stronger, stable and confident.

WTAMU created a safe space for me to explore who I truly wanted to be. I got to express different sides of myself and meet people who would befriend me in each stage I was in at the time. I had no idea that I would turn out to be a writer and that so many people would support me in that.

I was fortunate to have picked a major and a career path that I would stick with. Both the Department of Agricultural Sciences and the Department of Communication had accepted me with open arms and allowed me to flourish. I have been able to create an exceptional portfolio with writing samples, photographs, data research and so much more. All faculty that I have met here at WTAMU have not only been able to, but wanted to offer a helping hand to each student. My professors took the time to teach me inside and out of the classroom, even life skills such as problem solving and organization.

My last semester of college has been the most eye opening, in the way that the “light at the end of the tunnel” is pretty intimidating. I’ve had to face personal loss and struggle within myself and externally in my life. Now, I get to face what the “real world” has in store for me.

In reality, I truly believe that WTAMU has prepared me for the next step in life. I have met the most amazing people that are now life-long friends.

Thank you WTAMU, for being a place I can call home, and I’ll see you next semester for graduate school!


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