Students frustrated by parking situation during football season

As the citizens of Canyon prepare for the first football game of the season, the residents of Jarrett Hall groan as their parking lot becomes the designated VIP spot. Students who do not move their vehicles by Friday, September 2 at midnight will be fined $100.

Not only is there limited parking during the football games, it is also a safety hazard when the entire town is overrun by many football fans and WT students.

“Trying to find a parking spot when the entire town is here is really chaotic,” said RA at Jarrett Hall, Alexis Bolton.

Students living in Jarrett Hall have to give up their parking spot in order to make room for the ones that are only visiting for a few hours.

“It limits what is already a limited amount of parking,” WT student Noah Coronado said.

Many students claimed the issue was severe enough they didn’t even want to park on campus.

Although the majority of students do not agree with the parking policies during football games, there are a few students who do not mind walking.

“I’ve never had a problem with parking on campus, and I don’t mind walking a little bit to go to the football game,” WT student Kathryn Culbert said.