Homecoming King interview with Caleb Crum


Photo provided by WT Communication and Marketing

Photo provided by WT communication and marketing. Caleb Crum is second from left and Emily Morgan is third from left

Caleb Crum won homecoming King 2022 at West Texas A&M University for SAGE (Students Assisting in Good Endeavors) which is a faith-based organization on campus. In our interview Crum discusses his time at WT as a digital media and communications major, being a senior and the great experiences he has had at WT.

As a part of SAGE, Crum has taken part in a host of good endeavors and fun events meant to bolster community spirit both on and off campus.

“We’ll do things like going caroling,” Crum said. “We’ll build ramps for elderly people who need help accessing their homes. For WT students, we have a committee called ‘give back to WT’ and that’s us trying to do things to help WT students. We did a Thanksgiving event last fall of last year. We invited all the WT students that couldn’t go home for Thanksgiving.”

Crum also finds it important to serve as a Christian, and SAGE has given him an opportunity to do this.

“I think as Christians, we are called to serve,” Crum said. “I knew what SAGE was and I knew some people in it, and so I was like, SAGE is perfect for what I want to do.”

Aside from SAGE, Crum is also a digital media and communications major, and while he’s been at WT, he has taken part in exciting classes.

“One of the very first classes I took at WT was sports broadcasting,” Crum said. “We would go to football games, we would write releases… So I got real experience working with cameras with all the computer stuff behind the scenes and it was great.”

Crum also appreciates his time at WT and being voted as homecoming king. He has found a community at WT, and being a part of SAGE has helped him.

“The past four years at WT have been the best years of my life”, Crum said. “I’ve gotten to meet so many great people and I really love being a WT Buff. Without SAGE, and the people that voted for us, we couldn’t have done it without y’all. To have that as my final big memory means the world to me.”