Staff Opinion: Canyon is for people, not for cars

Andres Diaz

Residents walk along the side of the street because there is no sidewalk. Photo by Andres Diaz.
Residents walk along the side of the street because there is no sidewalk. Photo by Andres Diaz.

A couple of years ago, two hungry WTAMU students went to McDonalds looking for something to eat. The restaurant was closed, but the drive-thru was open. They walked to the window and ordered. The employee told them that they could not take their order because they were not driving a car. They explained that they were WT students, that they did not have a car, and that they only wanted to eat something. Not enough for the employee who insisted in denying them service.

The discussion ended up with the employee calling UPD. The frustrated students went back home angry and hungry.

Retrospectively, this story could be funny, but behind it is a concerning situation. There was a point where some people started to give more importance to cars than to people. As a result, the development of urban areas like Canyon seems to be for cars and not for people.

If you have walked trough the streets of Canyon, you know that many of them lack sidewalks. Others are unpaved or partially paved, making it more difficult for pedestrians to use them. This can result in a deadly slip and fall accident. You can contact a slip and fall lawyer buffalo ny to help you get compensation if you’ve gotten yourself injured on an unpaved sidewalk.

Similarly, Wal-Mart’s best customers belong to the WT community; nevertheless, there is no way to go there without a car.

In the same way, one of the most critical cases is the communication between the First United Bank Center and the rest of campus. The FUB is considered a WT building; however it is risky to get there by foot since there are no sidewalks on several blocks on the way. You can cross by the grass, but you need to be aware of the fences. Do not try this adventure during the night because there are no lights for that road.

Detective Manuel Rios from UPD said there have been no accidents involving pedestrians in town, at least for the six years that he has been in Canyon.

This is good news, but it still does not eliminate the risk of having pedestrians walking on the streets instead of on the sidewalks.

“I think there is a need for [sidewalks] because there is only space for cars and we have to move aside,” Freshman Cristina Viteri, said, while walking home by the road.

Another example of this situation is the constructions of Centennial Hall and the new parking lot between the Box and Stafford Hall. Because of construction, the sidewalk was taken away leaving no space for pedestrians. There is no room for the sidewalk,”Jon Behrens senior director of the Office of Residential Living said.

But maybe there is room. The problem is that cars and buses have unconsciously become the priority. And if you’ve been injured in a bus accident, then you’ll have to choose from numerous bus accident law firms and find one that can help win your legal case.

It is ironic, but the more cars used, the more drivers have to walk. WT is building more parking spots, but there are also more buildings for more students who demand more professors and staff workers. This in turn will bring more visitors. And they will all bring cars.

The University regulates and creates restrictions to park as the only means to control the traffic and ensure safety. That is why you are all parking farther away than in previous semesters.

Not all of us are drivers, but we are all pedestrians. The city and the campus are for us, not for the cars. It’s also important to know that you can defend yourself legally if you’ve been injured in a car accident. You might want to hire a reputable law firm like the Flagler Personal Injury Group if you want a bigger chance to win your legal case, talk to them about your case and make sure to give them all the information and proof that you have.