WT’s Unique Museum Opportunity

Lincoln’s 1863 Gettysburg Address.

Lincoln’s 1863 Gettysburg Address.

This semester, the Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum will be hosting the Remnant Trust for the second consecutive year.

According to Warren Stricker, PPHM archivist and research center director, The Remnant Trust is an organization based in Indiana that has made it their mission to acquire important works in various fields.“There are a few items in the collection that are the same as last year’s,” Stricker said. “But the rest of them are different titles, authors, time periods, subjects, etc. You can do this year after year without repeating yourself too much.”

He said, the exhibit holds a wide range of first edition books and manuscripts that are in their earliest forms as possible.

“They make them available so the students of the intuitions or members of the public can come and see these items firsthand,” Stricker said.

The collection is important to WT since it gives the students and residents a chance to come in and see rare books and manuscripts in their original form.

“In the collection, we have an early manuscript of the Magna Carta that was written out by hand in the 15th century,” Stricker said.

Museum Intern, Matthew Jellison said that being part of the Remnant Trust has been inspiring to him because of the ability to touch these artifacts, something that one would never be able to do in any regular museum.

“History is something that is always known for memorizing names and dates,” Jellison said. “Everything else is pushed aside. [The Remnant Trust] reminds and brings you to the realization that we’re not far from thinking like these radical writers from back then.”

Jellison encourages anyone to come because the exhibit has something for every major. He said that there wasn’t one document that he didn’t connect with.

“Not one major is excluded,” Jellison said. “Every class that has been here has left bug-eyed after visiting.”

There will be three lectures throughout the fall semester. The first will be afree lecture on “The City in History: From Plato to the Federalist Papers” presented by Dr. David Baum Sept. 22 at 6:30 p.m.

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