Lubbock Musician performs on KWTS

Lubbock musician Ashley B. Hays performed in ‘A Morning Misdemeanor’ on The One 91.1 on Sept. 16.

Hays started her music career at South Plains College by accident. When a classmate said that she sang and wrote songs, her teacher said that she had to “stop being modest and have something by Monday.”

“The only problem was that it was Friday,” she said. “I wrote this song [called Smoke] and I was shocked when we used it in our touring band at South Plains.”

Hays had not considered a music career before, but after performing her song, she found that she liked the experience.

“The kids just really responded in a way that none of the other schools had,” she said.  “I received a standing ovation for the first time for a song I wrote and I said ‘I like this, I want more of this.’”It wasn’t the first time Hays had performed on ‘A Morning Misdemeanor.’ It had been over a year since her last appearance on the radio station, she said.

“I like it here,” she said. “Everybody’s so nice and wonderful. I happened to be in the area and I was going to be here all day and I thought, ‘I wonder if the radio station would have me back?’ I loved doing the radio so I posted on their website and they gave me the email address and we set it up.”

She said enjoyed the show and the hosts, Dani Morton, Rebekah Purl and Izaak Chavez,

“They were all really nice and welcoming,” Hays said. “Especially Dani, she did a great job in keeping the show going and at keeping me focused on the show.”

Although it wasn’t her first time to be featured on the show, it was the first time that she had been interviewed with ‘A Morning Misdemeanor.’

“Ashley was in contact with our past general manger, who then contacted our current one, who then contacted me and we just started talking,” Dani Morton, host of ‘A Morning Misdemeanor,’ said. “So now we have her on the station again.”

Hays also talked about how she like being interviewed in The One 91.1.

“The thing that I love about doing interviews [at WT] is that the instant that I walk into that studio, there is something about the building and the people they choose to do their [radio] shows that are welcoming,” she said. “They instantly make you feel at home and very comfortable with your surroundings.”