Woot and the Handclaps wins Battle of the Bands

Woot and the Handclaps at Battle of the Bands. Photo by Daniela Fierro.

Woot and the Handclaps at Battle of the Bands. Photo by Daniela Fierro.

On Sept. 30, the CORE office sponsored the Battle of the Bands for the second consecutive year.

This year’s winner, Woot and the Handclaps, will have the honor to open for Hellogoodbye on Oct.7 in a free concert at the Buffalo Sports Park.

“It’s kind of surreal and kind of nerve wracking,” bass player and singer Josiah Robinson said. “But it’s really exciting though. I wasn’t even sure what I would do if we won, it really hasn’t hit me [that we won], but I’m sure that I’m going to totally freak out later.”This current band line up was finalized this past summer, but Hoot and the Handclaps has been in existence for four years, said Robinson.

“When we decided to play at the Battle of the Bands, we practiced practically every day for the past three weeks,” Robinson said. “It’s definitely an ideal thing for all of us. [Playing for Hellogoodbye] is going to be the most professional thing we’ve done as a band together.”

The three songs that they played in their set were covers of Radio Active by Kings of Leon and Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO, as well as an original song named Sound Waves and Static by vocalist and acoustic guitar player, Tanyon Sann Allison.

“It’s definitely a stepping stone for our career,” Robinson said.

Sophomore Kara Lacy attended Battle of the Bands and said she enjoyed the event.

“It was my first time going to the Battle of the Bands,” Lacy said. “I thought it was very well put together and the bands were amazing. Personally, I think Woot and the Handclaps deserved to win because they played beautifully.”

Assistant Director of Student Activities Stephanie Brackett said that the Hellogoodbye concert will start right after the Pigskin Revue. Robinson wanted to express gratitude for the band’s win.

“Personally, I would like to thank everybody in the band,” said Robinson. “But also the CORE office, the people who came and voted, all the other bands that played, to our family and friends who have supported us musically and the Calvary Baptist Church for letting use their facilities for practice.”

Woot and the Handclaps are planning to appear on an acoustic session of KWTS’s “The One Sessions” in November.