Buff Allies program revived but in danger of dying

Lisa Hellier

November 8, 2011

Buff Allies is a program formed by WTAMU faculty and staff members to provide lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) students a supportive safe zone to discuss any issues they might have. “[It provides] a safe place...

Students compete in research conference at A&M

Ashley Hendrick

November 1, 2011

WTAMU graduate and undergraduate students will travel down to the Texas A&M campus in College Station to attend the 8th Annual Texas A&M University Systems Pathways Symposium Research Conference on Nov. 11. The TAMUS Pathways Symposium ...

WTAMU Computer Science department excels

Kelsey Wright

October 25, 2011

Web Editor's Note: This story was written for the MCOMM 3309 - News Editing & Reporting Class Having a 100 percent placement of students in jobs after graduation is difficult. But for WTAMU’s Computer Science Program, it is expected. “This was my dream, my vision. Some hit and miss...

Combs helps recruit international students to WT

Kimberly Crist

October 18, 2011

Web Editor's Note: This story was written for the MCOMM 3309 - News Editing & Reporting Class In 1975, the International Student Office  at WTAMU was created by Jack Muthersbough, a professor in Geosciences. In 1992, Kr...

Matthias Merkel-Hess displays art at Northen Hall

Daniela Fierro

October 18, 2011

On Oct. 13, guest artist Matthias Merkel-Hess visited WT for the first time to display his artwork for the public. Merkel-Hess’s collections, Featherstone and Devil’s Tower-LA, is now on display at the Mary Moody Northern...

Local Professionals analyze Google + efficiency

Jes Roskens

October 4, 2011

After months of testing, Google has opened Google + to the public and continues to capture the attention of the digital masses. The company has had its foot in the social media door for a while with Google Buzz and Wave. Both...

Daniel Galaska returns to WT

Melissa Bennett

October 4, 2011

Students in the WTAMU dance department had the opportunity to spend a few extra hours outside of class with a former dance student.  Daniel Galaska graduated from WT in 2004 and returned this semester to teach a few extra classes...